Wednesday, May 24, 2017


After having a long break on blogging and especially on Instagram. I'm feeling excited to show you guys what I've been up to, the whole month of May. From having different mood board examples and curating vintage clothes that I'm planning to release on the first collection. 

Presenting, my love child, Divide Studios. So, what is Divide Studios exactly? It's a division of curated sustainable sourced clothing and accessories. All the pieces that I'll be selling are vintage and handled with care for your satisfaction needs. Every time, I'm going to release a collection, I'll be using all my social media accounts to announce the auction date. I'll be running an auction on my Instagram account, highest bidder gets the real prize. That means, you only get the item once. And yes, I'll be including the deconstructed jeans and denim newsboy cap. Divide is an ideology that merges timeless clothes with constructed designs.

Before I end this blog post, make sure to follow Divide Studios on Instagram. Auction starts soon! x

Photos by: Marvin Del Barrio

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


/ Eyewear: Sunnies Studios & Sunnies Specs, Top: Thrift, Jeans: Thrift, Shoes: Topshop /

Back to my youth years, I think the last time I got captured by a film camera was when I was having a trip to Hong Kong with my family, roaming around places like the Victoria Peak and the Clock Tower. I wish I could go back to those days when the digital world wasn't born yet. To be honest, I'd trade anything just to see what life is like back then. When people would actually experience things rather than spending thousands of hours on social media. Collecting a lot of vinyl instead of downloading songs online. Experiencing a concert without holding your phone and just feel the music. There's a huge difference.

Ever since my sister introduced me about about Polaroid photos, I've gotten totally enthralled with the idea of getting your photo instantly without taking your camera to the nearest Kodak store. But what I'm fascinated most about, is the idea of how a film camera works. After a month of having a whole lot of patience and trusting the process for my 35mm film photos to get developed to digital instantly, it was a success after all.

Cubao; an underrated place where people from the north meet halfway or ride the LRT/MRT rather. But for me, this place just makes me feel a lot of things a playground in the form of nostalgia and forgotten memories. 

In a typical sun-drenched afternoon of my life, I spend some of my restful days here (especially on Sundays). On my alone time, when I'm having impulsive decisions, I perpetually go to my favorite stomping ground which is the Cubao Expo. Rummaging around the thrift store and hoarding a lot of succulent plants near the farmer's market. Imagine getting 3 pieces of different types of plants for less than a hundred pesos. Now, that what you call a steal. On some days, when I'm with my friends, we'd spend our time ordering a bucket beer at the expo during the golden hour. But when the dawn starts to creep in on a Saturday night, we're going to dress up with bizarre outfits and head to Today x Future. It's like an underground bar where people in the creative industry meet.

I guess, like people, there's always this one place you're going to go back to and unfold every memory that has been created by you and just unearth every feeling that you feel towards the place.

Photos by the amazing: Jana Jodloman